The Non-Violence Movement--A Hidden Social Disease

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Is it true that anyone who challenges the agenda of non-violence is "for" violence? That's what some of the movement's organizers want you to think. The term has the ability to make opponents look like warmongers and extremists. It discourages an honest discussion. Not many Americans want to take on this kind of "character assassination". Yet, we need to examine the seductive nature of today's non-violence movement and how it threatens to end basic civil liberties in America.

The roots of today's non-violence movement began during the 1960's movement for civil rights. Dr. Martin Luther King urged black Americans to use non-violent methods in their struggle to be free. Many can still remember the news reports showing police brutality, fire hoses and K-9 dogs used against protestors. Dr. King used the term to describe the peaceful nature of this protest--and he should be honored for it. However, the "politics" of non-violence has evolved into something entirely different today with the help of social opportunists and unethical politicians. It is a powerful special interest lobby being used to destroy rights rather than protect them. It proclaims a message of peace while creating victims of violence.

America started the new millennium with an old struggle still raging within its borders--the fight to keep liberty alive for the next generation. This battle is currently being lost. There are many powerful voices in this country that attack our system of Constitutional laws charging that they are "old" and "outdated"--and that they keep us from being truly free. Yet, the Constitution is the only thing that protects America from the social excesses that eventually lead to enslavement. Tyranny has not disappeared, it's just changed names. The non-violence movement has a lot of good-sounding solutions to the social ills of America. Its themes are cleverly woven in reports presented by the national news media--but its principles are "anti-liberty" in nature. It uses the vulnerability of children as a way to manipulate us into surrendering our freedoms. It seeks to attack and neutralize violence in any form to gain a false peace and safety. It teaches propaganda to school children without teaching them the real truth about violence and how to stop it. Its slogan is "violence never solves problems"--which automatically makes the sacrifice of every American soldier who fought in defense of this country--immoral and wrong. It demonizes every police officer that used aggressive means to stop a criminal act. It has found a home in many churches that quickly embrace and wrongly teach its tenants as God's doctrine. It is neutralizing our police departments and affecting the readiness of our military. It turns ordinary Americans into victims by intimidating them into believing that self-defense is morally wrong.

A Deadly Virus That Works For "Peace"

Recently, the Discovery Channel had a series of programs on the human body and how it deals with disease. It is amazing how the body protects itself from these microscopic intruders. When an invading virus enters the body a series of self-protection mechanisms are triggered. Watching an actual video of the battle through an electron microscope leaves the viewer with one vivid impression: our immune system uses very violent methods of protection through the action of anti-bodies and white blood cells.

The Aids virus, however, changes all of that. Once inside the body, it multiplies. It "tricks" the initial detection scheme of the immune system by hiding inside healthy blood cells. The aids virus' primary function is to shut down the body's immune system. It shuts down the body's ability to fight sickness. This condition is OK as long as there are no diseases around to invade. However, that is never the case. The aids victim doesn't die from the aids virus. They die from disease and sickness that takes over because the body's immune system is disarmed and neutralized.

A Plague On American Society

The non-violence movement does to society what the aids virus does to the human body. It attacks and shuts down any and all forms of violence in our culture through media misinformation, legislative and judicial means. It "tricks" an uninformed society into accepting its objectives through emotionalism rather than facts. The movement's methods sound noble. It's OK as long as criminals aren't around to threaten our lives. It's OK as long as evil doesn't exist. However, that's a utopian dream--it's not the real world.

What the agenda of non-violence doesn't do is differentiate between criminal violence and "justified" violence. Justified violence occurs when a mother uses a handgun to stop a knife-wielding psychopath from killing her young children when the police can't arrive in time. It can be seen when a police officer shoots a criminal who is about to use deadly force to rob an elderly victim. Some supporters of "non-violence" lead us to believe it would be better if the mother is defenseless and the children are killed rather than use any form of aggression to stop the crime! This is total insanity. We are seeing legislation introduced that restricts firearm use by police officers because a basic principle of non-violence teaches that all guns are "violent"--and bad. We already have run-away gun control initiatives drafted in an atmosphere of hysteria that are aimed at disarming citizens in the name of "community safety" even though citizens use them over 2 million times a year to stop violent crimes. Self-defense is condemned as morally wrong because it is "violent" in nature. Today, a citizen risks jail time for using a firearm to stop a rapist or murderer--because shooting a criminal is "violent" and, therefore, wrong. Of course, the news media will always find a grieving parent to interview who lost children in a "drive by" shooting or gang related killing. These heart-wrenching stories will continue to manipulate the emotions of Americans to favor this dangerous, self-defeating agenda. It's a tragedy when a parent loses children to murdering criminals. But the cure in this case is ill conceived and will lead to more murdered children. Criminals love a society that believes self-defense is immoral. It's like turning a hungry wolf loose on a herd of defenseless sheep. It makes their lust for crime easily satisfied, which is why violent crime always goes up when a country disarms and neutralizes its citizens. Both England and Australia are finding this out the hard way.

These beliefs have found their way into the military. Recently, I was talking to a young Marine about his training. "Boot camp has been softened because mothers protested the harshness and "violent" nature of the training. Most everyone makes it through boot camp these days," he said. What's going to happen when America gets in a war with an enemy who has been trained to kill by whatever means necessary? Will the compromised training of our soldiers be a match for the training our enemies receive? As America's military readiness continues to deteriorate the answer to this is obvious. Are you willing to bet your family's and our country's security on it? I'm not.

Upside Down Priorities

Today in America the definition of what's "good" has been perverted. Honest citizens face imprisonment for using a weapon to defend their children and loved ones while armed criminals freely walk our streets. Corrupt district attorneys and judges wield their biases in the courtrooms against The Bill of Rights and self-defense minded citizens--and it's especially true if you're a minority. Unjust convictions create fear in citizens who believe self-defense is right, forcing them to make decisions free Americans shouldn't have to make. As voters, we put issues like education and health care at the top of our priority list and cast our vote for officials who give us what we want. Many of these elected officials then use their authority to push legislation that turn honest citizens into victims who are forced to depend on government for protection. We are told "it's for the children"--which is suppose to justify throwing away our blood-bought freedom. California and Maryland are among the worst examples of this form of political corruption and deception. These actions go unnoticed many times because the consequences haven't impacted us--but they are impacting many others and destroying our most basic liberties.

The "Million Mom March" is coming this spring to Washington, D.C. Its goal is to eliminate gun ownership because it causes "violence". This emotional "feel good" protest is another example of what is wrong with the non-violence movement. It has nothing to do with truth and facts. Maybe they should rename their march to "Moms For Victimization". They want a kinder America, but their methods will create just the opposite.

America has been called "...the land of the free and the home of the brave". Today it's "...the land of government entitlements and the home of victims". If we are to survive as a nation, the priorities that determine the way we vote on Election Day must be re-evaluated. But that's not happening because we won't abandon the hate-America agenda of our political parties.

If you want to see America's future--go visit a dying aids patient. Non-violence became a reality for that person. Is this what we want for our country?

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