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Until further notice the MCSM Website is
on care and maintenance due to the Culver's
move to Wyoming. We will attempt to keep it
active with important news that impact our
freedoms and other Constitutional issues
as required. We consider America's gun
rights and the Second Amendment to be the
one liberty that protects all others. The
Second Amendment is truly

"America's First Freedom".

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Due to the explosion of news concerning Second
Amendment rights and firearm related issues, the
following media outlets can keep you updated about
current events as they happen. Since MCSM is now
on care and maintenance, we cannot keep up with
the flood of information. Unlike the major news
outlets, these sources tend to support the citizen's
right to keep and bear arms as a core "civil right"
that is not to be infringed as stated in our
Constitutional Law. In addition to these sources,
we are providing an ongoing select list of news
articles that informs every freedom-loving American
about the internal assault coming from the political
left against our liberties.

News Sources

Breitbart News
US Defense Watch
The Washington Times
Gateway Pundit
The Drudge Report
The Blaze
Canada Free Press
Judicial Watch

See The Special News Page
Concerning the Terrorist Attacks
Happening In The United States
(Baton Rouge Shootings
Update: 7/17/2016)

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Recent 2017 News and Commentary
That Should Not Be Ignored


The Obama-Clinton Doctrine
By Dom Raso (NRATV)

McAuliffe's Massacre of Truth
By Colion Noir (NRATV)

Jon Voight tells the truth
about Obama in 2009


Federal Judge Blocks California’s
High-Capacity Magazine Ban

Florida Sheriff tells citizens:
Arm up and “prepare for war”

Lieutenant-Colonel Tony Shaffer Warns of
a Bloody Civil War in America

Flashback: Tim Kaine, Loretta Lynch
called for blood and death in the streets

DEM Strategist Calls For Civil War

Study supports Trump: 5.7 million noncitizens
may have cast illegal votes

Thousands of Foreign Citizens Registered
to Vote in Virginia (GatewayPundit)

The biggest scandal you've never heard of

Former AG Loretta Lynch Could Face 5-10
Years in Jail for Her Conduct During
the 2016 Presidential Election

Independent investigators: Seth Rich 'likely'
murdered by contract hitman

Rush Limbaugh And Ann Coulter Are Right:
America Is On The Verge Of Widespread
Chaos And Civil Unrest (EndofAMDream)

Leftist Shooter: ‘It’s Time To Destroy
Trump And Co’ (InfoWars)

The “Resistance” shot a Republican
congressman today (CanadaFreePress)

30 GOP Congressmen Have Been Attacked
or Threatened Since May (FreeBeacon)

Leftist shoots Majority Whip Steve Scalise, staffer
and two capitol police officers GatewayPundit)

Congressman: ‘By the Grace of God, One
of the Folks Here Had a Weapon to Fire Back’

Leftists Blame Guns While Celebrating
GOP Shooting (InfoWars)

VA Governor goes off on Gun Owners After
Shooting: We Lose 93 MILLION Americans a Day
to Gun Violence ... Huh? (GatewayPundit)

Gun-Controlled Chicago: 49 Shot, Six Killed
Over Memorial Day Weekend (Breitbart)

Kathy Griffin May Have Incited Violence
Against the President (Lifezette)

Watch Sheriff Clarke Destroy Don Lemon
Over #BlackLivesMatter Hate Group

MCSM Site Care and Maintenance
Content Archive

To reduce the complexity of the main MCSM
webpage, we are moving certain older news and
information links to a different location.
We feel these links are important and should
remain available.

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In Memory

One of the few U.S. Supreme Court Justices
who consistently defended the people's
Constitutional freedoms, which includes
the Second Amendment.

Chelsea Clinton: Gun Control Possible
with Scalia out of the Way [Breitbart]

In Memory of Stuart Broad
March 23, 2013

One of the early and active members of MCSM,
C. Stuart (Stu) Broad recently passed away.
Stu was actually the inspiration behind the
founding of MCSM many years ago, when we
needed some way to reach out and counter the
anti-freedom activities in Montgomery County.

Stu was a good friend and effective voice
in support of Second Amendment issues at
Montgomery Citizens for a Safer Maryland.
Others learned from him and will follow his
lead. Thank you Stu.

Bob and Cathy Culver,
~ Bob Culver, Jackson, Wyoming

Obituary [WashingtonPost]

In Memory of Constantine Chaconas
February 13, 2017

Served on the NRA Board of Directors from 1978 to
1980 - and again from 1996 to 1997. He was also
a member of Montgomery Citizens for a Safer Maryland.

Obituary and Biography
(PDF Format)

In Memory of Charlton Heston

Let's Not Forget What Charlton Heston
Fought For: The Second Amendment Right Of
Private Citizens To Own Firearms Of Their
Own Choice Protects All Other American
Freedoms. Its A Right That Must Never Be
Taken Away.

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Notable News Commentaries Concerning
America's Second Amendement Freedoms
(Updated: 6/3/2016)


Bloomberg's Gun Control
Lobby Endorses Hillary Clinton;
NRA Responds [TownHall]

We Made Gun Owners Look Like
Idiots So Viewers Could Consider
Background Checks...Or Something

Audio Shows Katie Couric Documentary
Deceptively Edited Interview with
Pro-Gun Activists [Freebeacon]

Katie Couric Deceptively Edited Video
in New 'Documentary' to Smear
Gun Owners As Morons [TownHall]

"It's Pure Chaos Now; There Is No
Way Back"-Venezuela Morgues
Are Overflowing [Zerohedge]

ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC;
Leaves Note Revealing Gov't Plans to
Round-up & Disarm Americans
During Economic & Bank Collapse

Scenes From The Venezuela Apocalypse:
Countless Wounded After 5,000 Loot
Supermarket Looking For Food [Zerohedge]

HuffPo Blogger Argues For Revision
Of Second Amendment, Says
Self-Defense Is Unjust [TownHall]

Chelsea Clinton: Gun Control Possible
with Scalia out of the Way [Breitbart]

DHS Employee: The Obama Administration
Ordered Us To 'Scrub' Intelligence
Of Muslims With Terror Ties

DHS Official: I Was Ordered to
Purge Records of Islamic
Terror Ties [NewsMax]

Clarke: Clinton and Obama ‘Anti-Gun Bigots,’
When Seconds Count, The Police Are
Usually Minutes Away [Breitbart]


INTERPOL Chief on Evolving Threat
of Terrorism: Is an “Armed Citizenry”
Now Necessary?

KU Professor ‘Wishes Death on Children of NRA
Members’--Calls It ‘God’s Justice’

Left Immediately Blames NRA, Not Enough
Gun Control For Navy Yard Shooting

Idiots Against Guns--Michael Reagan

Gun Control Has Historic Roots
in Disarming Blacks [CNSNews]

Star Parker: Blacks Who Back Gun Control
Need to Study History of Slavery

(Interesting Story)

Top Communist Backs Administration's
Gun Grab Efforts
[Trevor Loudon]

Maryland County Bans Gun Shows

Holder 1995: We Must Brainwash People
About Guns [BreitbartNews]


Somebody Picked the Wrong Diner

View These Videos On YouTube

Somebody Picked the Wrong Girl

Somebody Picked the Wrong House

Criminals For Gun Control--Home Invasion


Legal Immigrant’s Testimony Against Gun Control:
‘Few Saw the Third Reich Coming Until It
Was Too Late’ [TheBlaze]

Sandy Hook Father To Politicians
'Keep Your Hands Off My Guns'
(YouTube Video)

States Oppose Unconstitutional
Gun Control--Bob Culver

Good Sense and Gun Control
By Johah Goldberg [TownHall]

Listen to This Veteran’s Epic Defense of the
Second Amendment at Chicago Anti-Gun Forum:
I Went to War for My Country


Nobel Peace Prize Nominee: Obama Asks Military
Leaders If They Will Fire On US Citizens

Rock Star Ted Nugent comments on
New York City Mayor's gun control position:

"What kind of idiot thinks that our Founding Fathers
were protecting deer hunting?"

Maryland Governor Wants to Charge
$100 for 2nd Amendment Rights []

Culver's Corner

News From Bob And Cathy Culver

Bob and Cathy Culver Sept-Oct 2015 Wyoming Update(PDF File)

Bob & Cathy's Last Gun Show(PDF File)

Punch & Counterpunch(PDF File)

Lessons From The Recent Earthquake(PDF File)

Report From The NRA 2011 Meeting(PDF File)

Maybe He Should Think Before He Speaks?(PDF File)

Guns invited to Town Square (PDF File)

Is Your Life Just A Walk In The Park? (PDF File)

"This might not be earth shattering
gun news, but you may enjoy it. The story
is a bit of a travel log about guns and
pro-gun activities meeting some anti-gun
idiots in what is left of the Old West or
Free State Wyoming. Enjoy"

Bob And Cathy's 2010 Travel Update (PDF File)

Bob And Cathy's 2011 Travel Update (PDF File)

Bob And Cathy's 2012 Migration To Wyoming (PDF File)

"The American Militia Series"


We invite you to read these essays and reply
or send your own addition using our mail link
on the left. Keep in mind that these articles
address the topic of the militia as defined in the
Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


The 3 Rules Of Liberalism

RULE #1:
“You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste;
it's an opportunity to do important things that
you would otherwise avoid."

Rahm Emanuel
White House Chief of Staff (2008)

RULE #2:
When a psychopath or terrorist goes on a killing
rampage, make sure you fully utilize Rule #1 under
"Public Safety Concerns" to take away protected
Constitutional rights. It's an opportunity you
would not otherwise have.

RULE #3:
Always Remember Rules 1 and 2.


FOX news invites Bob Culver to debate a
representative from the Coalition to Stop Gun
Violence about some recent "investigations"
that appear to show widespread disregard for
the law by both licensed and private sellers
of firearms.

See It Here


Bob Culver is nominated "CCRKBA Gun Rights
Defender of the month"

Read the article


Don't Be Fooled By The "Public Safety" Propaganda
Of Corrupt Politicians Attempting To Disarm America


Bob Culver Receives "Defender of Freedom" Award


Maryland Shall Issue

Save Lives--Support Concealed Carry Reform
In Maryland


Note: Any copyrighted work on this website
is provided under the “fair use” provision
without profit or payment for non-profit
research, educational and discussion
purposes only.

MCSM Select YouTube Videos
Is The American Experiment In Freedom Over?

Self Defense and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Attorney General: Obama to Seek Assault Weapons Ban

Wayne LaPierre Responds to Eric Holder

Great UN Gun Debate (Part 1)

Great UN Gun Debate (Part 2)

Great UN Gun Debate (Part 3)

Great UN Gun Debate (Part 4)

The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina

To See Where Gun Licensing Leads, Look To Great Britain

England Gun Ban Update

Gun Control in Canada

A History of Gun Control in California, Pt 1

A History of Gun Control in California, Pt 2

A History of Gun Control in California, Pt 3

RTT-the anti-gun RAT exposes the insane
world of anti-gun politics. Learn the
dirty little secrets of your elected

Informational Websites To Visit

What Is The Militia?

Orange County NY Shooters

Learn About the Fifty Caliber Institute

Visit The Cresap Rifle Club

Visit The Future Of Freedom Foundation



AGC Range Day--What You Missed!

Original Flyer For The Event



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MCSM News & Select Commentary Archives

Note: Any copyrighted work on this website
is provided under the “fair use” provision
without profit or payment for non-profit
research, educational and discussion
purposes only.

MCSM Recent Activities For 2007

MCSM--A Busy September!--9/06

Your History--By Ken Blanchard

MCSM At PG County Gun Show--11/05

Takoma Park's Renewed Interest In Self-Defense--11/05

Doctors Kill More People Per Year Than Guns [01-04-05]

Has Congress Created Federal Police Power? [01-02-05]

New Study: Gun Control Doesn't Reduce Crime [12-30-04]

Van Hollen's View Of The Second Amendment [7-09-03]

Bob Ehrlich's Response To MCSM Letter (PDF file) [1-24-03]

MCSM Letter To Governor Elect Bob Ehrlich [1-24-03]

Visit The Armed & Secure Website

Visit Guy Smith's Gun Facts Website [3-10-02]

News media bias makes it necessary to search
for alternative methods to get our message to the
public. MCSM is looking for individuals who own
property along major roads and highways in Maryland.
Email us if you would be interested in participating
in this important project.


Upcoming Silverado Gun Shows

For a complete list visit Silverado at:

A Thought...

"Sarah Brady at Handgun Control Inc. draws a
salary of $277,891.00 a year for her treasonous acts
against the Second Amendment. HCI has an annual
budget of $7,624,306. They spend this and more each
year to take your rights. The president of the NRA
doesn't get a salary. Does this tell you anything?

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