U.S. Attorney Adding To Confusion About Gun Laws

By Phil Lee
Response To Washington Times Editor
Published 7/5/99

On 28 June 1999 your paper published a letter to the editor from Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. which decried "misinformation and misconceptions about the Brady instant check system" in the recent House debates. In his letter he adds to the misinformation and misconceptions.

He says "We know that having three business days helps stop criminals from getting guns" and does not mention that his system has put nearly 1700 guns into the hands of criminals (see Atlanta Journal, 6/25/99, page A16, "FBI delays put guns in wrong hands"). He probably doesn't know (nor care) what has happened to the criminals who obtained clearance from the FBI NICS system or the crimes they have committed with the guns the obtained illegally. So asking him how many of these 1700 criminals have been charged with Federal crimes is a waste of effort. The answer is zero without a doubt.

His use of "instant" to describe the check he promotes certainly adds to misinformation. It is characteristic of our would-be ruling class that they can use sloppy language while criticizing "misconceptions" of others. And for the 5% or more of the gun buyers not "instantly" approved, the three days will look like a waiting period no matter what Mr. Holder thinks it should be called.

It appears that Mr. Holder has no concept of earning the trust of American gun owners by implementing an instant check as his government promised to do five years ago. Mr. Holder feels his government's incompetence is plenty of justification for additional attacks on liberty. He thinks we serfs are too stupid to realize that a three day delay for 5% of the people could become a three day delay for 95% of the people or a longer delay for 100% of the people. All the government has to do is to continue letting criminals have guns and they can use the same argument again.

Instead of adding new laws, the best way to deal with this government's incompetence is to throw the bums out and get some people running things that will do some law enforcement.


Philip F. Lee
12921 Two Farm Dr.
Silver Spring, Md. 20904
301-622-0446 H 703-553-1510 W

Philip Lee is on the Executive Board of Montgomery Citizens for a Safer Maryland.

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