MCSM Petition Letter To Congress

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U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman:

In the month of May I have seen the shameless political exploitation of the tragic but criminal attack at Littleton, Colorado. The anti-gun response in the Senate piled folly and cowardice upon this tragedy. Proposed legislation, useless but dangerous, now comes to the House for its consideration.

Please review this session's crop of anti-gun bills, numbering well over 60 so far! The Senate anti-gun amendments to the Juvenile Justice Reform Bill all display an appalling disregard for any real remedies there might be. Instead, they are an admission that some Senators can think of nothing helpful and are easily stampeded. They follow in fear behind their emotionally charged anti-gun colleagues, made bold by the president and a biased news media. Either they are easily deluded and mislead or another sinister agenda is at work.

The killers in Littleton planned for a year as if on a military campaign. They devised, tested, manufactured and stockpiled dozens of bombs in a variety of types. They did this without drawing close attention of their parents or authorities, even though complaints had been made on several occasions. Early interdiction by proper authority, including the parents, schools and police, should have averted this tragedy. But now, in a blind stampede of do something action our Senate would impose useless but draconian measures.

Imagine, thinking that requiring a trigger lock to be sold with a firearm will reduce a criminal act. Its only utility is to be used as a minor safety feature as the firearm owner sees fit! Training is the best safety lock! But what will the next demand be? That all firearms must be locked at all times? And when the next tragedy strikes, and there will be future random acts of violence and tragedy, will the locks be found to be not enough and disassembly, storage at clubs or eventually an outright ban and confiscation be next?

The Senate says they are closing loop-holes but instead they are scattering dozens of snares to catch the law-abiding but unwary citizen. The Unintended Consequences of these snares, such as the trigger lock which is only one example, will be to destroy the utility of firearms for self defense and defense of the community.

Anti-gun legislation is a tragically irrelevant course for Congress to take. As a reaction to Littleton it is disgraceful. This disgrace must stop. Please let me know as soon as possible how you stand on the issue. I will be watching closely with great concern and ready to act.


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