The American Militia

A Patriot's Christmas

On the occasion of the approaching Christmas Day, we take a pause from our usual serious essay format for a holiday spirited message.

With your legislators and leaders, it is not required to play nice
Dont worry about those Making a list and checking it twice

For two weeks after Christmas, The assembly is looming
In response the patriots gathered, Their positions assuming

The briefing is thorough, Each message is true
The tactics are sound, The facts true too

The battle begins, At session and conference
The letters are sent, And given due-diligence

But what should occur, The responses are bland
and babbling... And canned?

Those we elect, to do our bidding
Have taken the reins and set our course skidding

They know all the answers, Dont confuse them with facts
Emotions have spoken, Heaped tyranny on our backs

"We can cure all these problems, Stop crime and all its worry
Just give us the laws, Well act in a hurry"

What happened to our message ,Our strategy and our fact?
We had good aim, We targeted with tact

What happened is this; our volleys were few
Its easy for weasels to duck then skate, Then legislate anew

A few pin pricks, are easy to ignore
Just as our numbers, are not a big score

Tis true what they say, its a politicians fright
"They must feel the heat, Then see the light"

But why is our number, And fire so weak
Where are the troops, we eagerly seek?

What keeps the patriot, home snug in a bed
Not fighting for rights and freedom instead?

What worry and fear could hold back our force
what power on earth could derail such a course?

Too often I hear, from a trembling few
"The list, the list; Its not what to do"!

"Theyre making a list, and checking it twice,
then theyll find out who is naughty or nice"

If you fear such a list and have no desire
Let others speak out, Let others draw the fire

Come out of your shell, crawl out of the closet
come all ye faithful, or soon youll have lost it

Remember the words, so rudely here quoted
from leaders of the past, from those well noted

If you love tranquility, servitude and wealth,
go from us in peace, keep to your health,
Crouch down in your chains, lick the hands that feed you,
without your counsel, we do not need you,
But remember the price that you must pay
"may posterity forget ye were our countrymen" this day.

But back to the rhyming, Ive just got my timing,
Take a lesson from Big Brother, reach out to each other

Its numbers we lack, and we are stretched thin
But numbers well grow, the battle well win

Go out in the crowd, before its to late
The order of the day; Fold... Spindle... Mutilate!

Get out of the closet, Throw off the gold chains
Tell the children and parents, of freedoms refrain

The story is easy, the lesson is repeated
Through centuries past, Tyranny is defeated

My apologies to the poets of old,
but this bit of prose needs to be told.

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty,
the tranquility ofservitude greater than
the animating contest for freedom, go home
from us in peace. We seek not your counsel,
nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the
hand that feeds you. May your chains set
lightly upon you; and may posterity forget
that ye were our countrymen."
-- Samuel Adams --

A good patriot (and good beer too) he knew
how to stir the soul with blunt talk. Are we so
afraid today that we can not chide or friends
and neighbors this way? When they do not
rally to our efforts, then we too loose our way.
See, it is catching, Im still rhyming !

Merry Christmas to all, tomorrow we Fight!
But I think, "at last" enough "PUNishment" tonight.

The American militia takes time to pray and celebrate, knowing hard tasks still await.

Fortunately, we are all around you.

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