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Some things never change. A criminal - a psychopath - commits a horrendous act and political opportunists strike. Emotions rule the hour and the day is lost because logic can not prevail.

Our friends at the anti-freedom, therefore misnamed Freedom States Alliance, started the dance with a bloody jig just hours after the October 2, 2006 school shooting in Pennsylvania. Here is what they said:

  • "How many times must we read the horrifying headlines?

  • Three times in the past week, our children, teachers and principals have been the victims of gunfire.

  • We seek to protect our youth, but we do little to stand up to the gun lobby to stop the toll of gun violence.

  • At Freedom States Alliance, we are not giving up. We are not going to just bemoan the power of the gun lobby. We are going to fight on behalf of our young people to protect them from gun violence.

  • We want you to go to this site and see just some of the fatal school shootings:,1,1414658.story?coll=sns-ap-nation-headlines

  • This should not be happening in America.

  • We need to take back our schools from the pathology that comes with a gun culture that worships firearms, and sees the gun as the vehicle for venting grievances.

  • This is truly unacceptable in a civilized society.

  • We ask you to take a moment to join us in mourning the loss of these young people. We ask you to join us in the arduous effort to reclaim our schools from a gun lobby that functions without restraint."

Look closely at the third paragraph above; "...the pathology that comes with a gun culture that worships firearms...". This is as close as they dare come to saying Gun ownership Causes Crime. This is as close as they dare come to saying Gun Owners are pathological misfits. This is as close as they dare come; Today.

How do the anti-gun allies of this FSA, those anti-freedom advocates over at the Brady Center - Handgun Control, see this same event? They see it in the same light, a street theater to play for all its political opportunity.

"Congress is Doing Nothing to Stop Gun Violence
Help us Defeat the Gun Lobby on November 7th!
Donate Now and Your Gift will be Doubled:

How Many More Children Have to Die?
School Shootings Lead Us to Ask Congress
Why There's Such Easy Access to Guns"

Some things never change.

Some folks who want to achieve a political goal, take the easy way out and use emotional arguments. They can not stand to discuss their own failings when it comes to the prosecution of violent criminals. They can not live with their fear of their own hidden tendencies; "might I turn to a beast if I were to touch or see a gun?". Rather than face reality, they are quite willing to dance in the blood of victims. They will massively infringe law abiding Citizens to present the appearance of care and of "doing something" about the problem they have created or at least made worse. They are generally the Liberal folks who want to tell us what to do. That is the only task they have, to treat all civilians as Victims, then fulfill their promise to humanity by "Caring for them". They go so far as to tell individuals that they MUST NOT defend themselves. They write laws infringing Personal Protection, making criminals of the law abiding defenders. They do not understand that Personal Protection is a Personal Responsibility.

The civilians need to become Citizens. If you have been following the American Militia essays, you have heard this before. The Citizens knows the problem and then solves it. Do not succumb to the "dark side" of emotion. THINK, know and act.

Too often the unknowing perception and reaction to violence is that you can prevent it by building a security perimeter, a solid wall or a wire like fence of laws, regulations, prohibitions and socially orchestrated behavior around any area. By doing this you can very effectively sanitize the interior within the wire so that no one inside has the instruments to cause serious harm to anyone else. No one has the tools or ability to defend either. Think or Gun-Free- School-Zones and airlines. Everyone has a little less Liberty and a lot less ability to act.

Inside the wire no one has the ability to defend himself. Inside the wire everyone has had defense and courage bred out of them, they have been taught and told they need not be responsible for security, the professionals will handle it, and thus taught to not fight for survival.

There was one brief lesson on how wrong this approach is. Again it was taught in Pennsylvania, or at least over Pennsylvania, on September 11, 2001. That one lesson was very expensive and apparently not enough. There will be more.

Inside the wire we are still told that we are safe and can call on others to save us (or at least clean up the mess). There will be more and messier messes; the question is not if but when. We can not stop that random, dedicated, suicidal attacker from getting inside the wire. Thus, being disarmed and bread to not defend, we can not keep ourselves from getting into another mess. Someone else is to blame. Someone else will come to the rescue and clean up the mess. Perhaps they will gently chalk an outline around your body and read your killer his Miranda Rights.

BUT; Eventually someone with evil intent WILL get inside the wire. He finds disarmed and unprepared victims. Easy prey for the predator. The response from outside takes a lot of time because there is no point defense inside the wire. He has his way with the victims. He most likely has no intention of surviving, just having his way and making his statement.

The Victims have come to know the "Responders" to such attacks as the rescue squad, or the police or the SWAT Team. The victims inside the wire have forgotten that it is THEY who are the first responders.

I have not. The American Militia understands its duty to stand ready to defend from an attack. He works to make sure that those lawmakers who are stringing the wire do not totally exclude his ability to act. He still has a few methods and tools to chose. He has not lost all his teeth. He even hopefully works to change the structure of the wire and the walls. He works to educate the civilians to make them into first responder Citizens. He understands that Homeland Security begins with Home.

If he can educate enough civilians and transform them into Citizens, he can undo some of the damage done by attempting to build wire fences and walls and thus hog-tie the prey, ready for the predator. A few students understand and hear the American Militia speaking and find the courage to follow.

These new Citizens can say, "I am the American Militia and, now more than ever, I am all around you".

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