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MCSM is a “not-for-profit” local group of concerned citizens that provide commentary, public policy research and education. We are not a commercial business and have no paid employees. MCSM exists through the efforts of community members who volunteer their time, energy and knowledge without monetary compensation. We may suggest educational materials such as books and videos on this website that are available from numerous outside sources. Yet, we do not engage in the selling of products to the public.

One of our objectives is to educate Maryland citizens about legislation, misleading agendas and propaganda designed to destroy our Constitutional law. Most Americans believe the Constitution has little relevance in our "progressive," global society. When you include politicians, educational institutions and a biased news media, which constantly propagates this false belief to our children and to the public, you have a recipe for disaster. We believe the Second Amendment is essential for real safety, security and freedom both in our local community and our nation. We are a group of concerned citizens who...

  • Support and defend the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment which protects all other freedoms

  • Oppose any effort, foreign or domestic, to undermine the sovereignty of the United States of America established by the U.S. Constitution

  • Protect citizen rights to possess firearms for self defense to enhance the safety of their homes and community

  • Support law enforcement efforts to apprehend those who misuse firearms for intended criminal purposes

  • Educate citizens in electing political candidates who truly support the Constitution, including the Second Amendment's original intent

  • Increase public awareness of gun rights issues and the regulatory policies affecting firearm ownership and use

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