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"MCSM promotes individual safety through self defense. Familiarity with firearms of all types will aid you in maintaining your own defense capability. BUT, it will also aid you in explaining self defense to others. You may as well cover all shapes and sizes and the .50BMG certainly tops out the size list.

The .50BMG organizations, FCSA (Fifty Caliber Shooters Association) and FCSPI (Fifty Caliber Shooters Policy Institute) are good sources of information and political action lobbying to protect firearm rights from politically motivated attack. Take a chance on a .50BMG Rifle Raffle and contribute to the support of firearm rights. If they can't legislate the .50BMG out of existence, they will not be able to effectively attack your .30-06 or .300 WinMag hunting rifle."

Bob Culver, MCSM

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