Van Hollen's View Of The Second Amendment

Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD08, Montgomery County) won his election campaign against Republican incumbent Connie Morella. She was definitely a "Republican In Name Only" (RINO) and was NOT firearm friendly -- indeed, she was a case in point for us RINO Hunters who had to look the other way, because the alternatives were always worse.

And Connie exploited that to the fullest. She always used the RINO campaign strategy of "Who are you going to vote for? The opposition is worse!" She would thus try to force respectable Republicans to hold their collective noses on Election Day and pull the Connie lever.

The Democrats saw an opening but needed a campaign issue, so Van Hollen fought tooth and nail with his primary opponent Mark K. Shriver as to who could be the most ANTI-GUN candidate. Van Hollen lives up to his promise -- as stated in this letter. He knows nothing about his country, or about the Constitution he has taken an oath to protect. Read it yourself -- you just might want to write him a letter!

Remember, when Van Hollen upset a long-standing incumbent in Montgomery County, he did our RINO Hunting for us! Now we will have an easier task of finding a true Republican (or that rare pro-gun Democrat) to replace him.

Keep fighting.
Bob Culver, MCSM

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